Has Your Pet Left Your Carpet Stinky with Pet Odor?

Corona Carpet & Tile Cleaning  admits that other carpet pet stain odor removalcleaning companies all SAY they can remove pet odors and pet stains from your carpets or furniture, but have you ever hired someone to come try it, only to have them get some – or none – of the stains or smells out?

Did you know that almost ALL of the commercial or residential products that are available on the market for removing pet stains or pet odor DO NOT WORK?

Corona Carpet Cleaning in Corona CA have come up with a pet stain odor removal and pet odor removal technique that goes AGAINST what everyone else tells you should do; as a matter of fact, when Pro has tried to show this technique to other carpet cleaners – they didn’t believe him.

The Secret to Removing Pet Odor and Stains – Especially Cat Urine – from Your Carpet

What most carpet cleaners do is clean the carpet normally, like they would anything else – and maybe add a de-oderizer to the spots that have been sprayed or soiled.

The problem is, that is like spraying air-freshener in a room where there is a pile of poop in the corner; once the air freshener goes away – there is still a pile of poop smell in the corner!

In order to get tough odors and stains out – like cat urine, which is the worst and toughest to remove – you have to penetrate down into the carpet fibers, padding – and sometimes even into the wood carpet strips that hold you carpet down – neutralize and then break down the chemicals and enzymes that are in the pet urine.

Only after you have done that – and THEN cleaned the carpets and thoroughly dried them – can you get the pet odors and stains out.

Other Carpet Cleaners Say They Can Remove Pet Stains and Pet Odors – Corona Carpet Cleaning in Corona Guarantees It

Corona Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Corona CA have been perfecting this technique for years and has a laundry list of happy customers who thought they would never be able to get the pet odors and pet stains removed from their carpets and furniture.

Pro is so confident that he can remove your pet stains and pet odors that he guarantees his work.  He will get your pet stains and pet odors out or you don’t pay – simple as that.

Pet Stain Removal Services in the Corona Area

Pet stains can be some of the most stubborn due to special dyes in your pet’s food. At Corona, we use a special cleaning solution with a high pH level to release the dye from your carpet. The spot is then thoroughly rinsed. Pet stain removal is included in the pet odor removal process, or may be a stand alone service.

Urine Odor Removal Tips in Corona CA

You love your pets, and your home. Corona Carpet & Tile Cleaning technicians are experts at pet odor removal.

Count on the pet odor removal experts at Corona Carpet & Tile Cleaning to remove the urine and pet odors from your Corona, CA home. Our revolutionary system has worked to eliminate countless urine stains from carpet, rugs and upholstery. Corona‘s innovative Pet Urine Removal Treatment is the most effective way to eliminate pet odor because it works to remove the stain deep below the surface of your carpets.

Our product has been specifically made to eliminate urine and other pet odors from the carpets and upholstery in the Corona homes of our customers. It has shown outstanding results on even the most challenging urine affected areas. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your Corona floors and fabrics while also creating an unhealthy indoor environment.

In typical situations, there are usually two sources of odors associated with pet urine. The first comes from the bacteria that grows abundantly in warm, dark places with a never-ending source of food. The gases and waste materials from the decomposing urine creates an unpleasant and overpowering odor that if smelled once is seldom forgotten. The second source of odor is a chemical odor that is present even when the bacteria have been killed. This is why it is necessary to go beyond sanitizing the stain in order to neutralize the odors from the urine. When the chemical makes contact with the source of the odor, it then begins a chemical reaction that destroys the odor of the urine for good.

Why is Pet Urine in Carpet So Hard to Remove?

Once the urine starts in the carpet, in can then quickly seep into the pad, and into the sub floor. When we clean your Corona carpet it can reduce the urine in the carpet only. It is very difficult to clean the carpet yourself or steam clean the stain without spreading the urine and worsening the problem. This is because the amount and force of water spreads the urine crystals to new places, making it more difficult to pinpoint the affected areas. If you replace the carpet and do not treat the sub floor, you will likely still have an odor problem to deal with.

Pet Odor Removal by Pro Carpet Cleaning servicing Corona, CA

1. Thorough cleaning – Our powerful urine odor removal cleaning equipment will deep clean your floors to flush out the carpet fibers and reduce the amount of urine crystals, which in return minimizes the odor.

2. Antibacterial – This application is for minimizing the amount of bacteria from the urine and to prevent soiling.

3. The carpet, pad and sub floor are all saturated with our enzyme to guarantee a complete odor removal. This patented treatment is meant to break up the urine crystals and release their odor entirely. It takes 24 to 48 hours to dry so you will want to open the windows of your home slightly to let the odor escape.

Pet owners know that even the best trained cats and dogs have accidents from time to time. Those accidents can wreak havoc on your carpet and upholstery. In addition to stains, pet odor is a common problem. Removing the pet urine smell can be a challenging and frustrating process.