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Marble, Granite
and other organic stone surfaces are porous and can shed their luster and worth as a result of harm resulting from foot visitors, spills, acidic cleaners, and daily put on. Our experienced stone restoration specialists can bring your stone back to new – or better!What exactly is STONE RESTORATION?Stone Restoration

would be the art and science of restoring organic stone floors and surfaces to their original beauty. It can be our job to restore your stone back to its original beauty employing 1 or additional from the following solutions:Polishing

Light surface scratches

and a few mild chemical etching is usually polished out working with diverse polishing compounds, powders and crystallizers.Diamond Grinding

Pro Stone Care of Fullerton, CA believes

within a organic finish and doesn’t use waxes or other surface coatings on polished stone, but uses a diamond grinding process to attain a high gloss finish.Lippage Removal/Uneven Tile Repair

Poor installations

could be a prevalent issue with uneven tile. It can take away in the beauty of the organic stone and present a safety hazard. Pro Stone Care of Fullerton, CA can offer many levels of lippage removal.Stain Removal


and also other organic surfaces are porous and can stain simply if not adequately sealed. Determining the kind of stain and deciding on the appropriate chemicals and poultice supplies are key to the removal of stains.Repair

Got cracks and chips?

Need grout removal? No issue. Pacific makes use of synthetic polyesters for the repair of marble and granite to provide that all-natural polished appear, and may also attain full restoration and removal of grout.Catastrophic and Water Repair


don’t replace! However, folks go through the painful time and expense of replacing the stone tile from fire or flood damage devoid of realizing that restoration delivers a faster and much more economical option.

Take a look at our Case Research gallery to view compelling prior to and following photos and study the stories of projects we’ve performed. Pay a visit to our Video gallery to find out much more about our most well known services.Marble

In case your marble has any unsightly harm or has simply lost its luster, there is certainly a option. Speak to the stone restoration experts at Pro Stone Care of Fullerton, CA. We can hone away years of damage and etching and polish your marble to a matte, low-shine or glossy finish.

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is actually a considerably harder organic stone than marble, and restoring granite needs specialized skills. Due to the skill level involved, some firms shy away from restoring granite. The qualified technicians at Pro Stone Care of Fullerton, CA are equipped with the appropriate understanding and education diamond hone, re-polish, or clean and seal your granite.

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is often rustic, sophisticated, contemporary or classic. Even though this stone is robust adequate to stand the test of time (ie: the Roman Colosseum), it nevertheless demands expert polishing and sealing just about every handful of years to maintain it searching its ideal.

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is an sophisticated and sturdy sedimentary stone, nevertheless it is somewhat porous and vulnerable to scratches, chips, hard water and acidic stains. We can bring back the original beauty of your limestone floor or countertop and seal it to inhibit staining.

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Although slate is very tough and stands up well to heat and scratches, it may nevertheless chip, crack, absorb stains or grow to be dull over time. The slate professionals at Pro Stone Care of Fullerton, CA can strip any wax coating or sealer from your slate, then adequately seal it. We also provide repair, honing (for a matte finish), and colour enhancing solutions.

 Corona Marble Polishing, Tile & Grout Cleaning CA

There’s just one thing about clean, well-kept surfaces that says, “Come on in and make yourself at residence home.” Regardless of whether you are enjoying some quiet time together with the family members or welcoming guests into your property, you need to preserve that feeling of new, fresh and wholesome.




all-natural stone and tile surfaces can turn out to be dull, scratched, stained, and dirty hunting even with regular cleaning. Cracks and chips might occur. When this happens, you’ll be able to depend on Set in Stone Restoration to restore your stone and tile to like brand new.



Stone restoration

could be messy if it’s not performed adequately. We take extraordinary care to mask and shield your furniture and surrounding surfaces, and use specialized gear created to contain dust and spillage.


Exceptional SERVICE IS JUST THE Starting

At Set-In-Stone Restoration, Inc. we

make use of the only the extremely best gear, approaches and supplies to clean, hone, polish, grind, and seal your organic stone. Sustaining the highest quality standards, we expertly resolve difficulties such as lippage (unevenly set tiles), etching (whitish marks attributable to an acidic substance that broken the surface), stain removal, as well as other challenges. We know how to renew the original shine of your natural stone, tile and grout, removing ground in dirt, and taking additional measures to make sure your frequent cleaning is much easier and much more productive.


In addition, we make it a point to educate our shoppers on appropriate stone care, offering useful suggestions and articles and supplying specialist advice for precise questions or issues. We invite you to study extra about our services and qualifications.


When your porcelain, ceramic, or Mexican tile, quarry tile, or other
type of tile and grout floors, walls, or other surfaces turn out to be dingy, stained, faded, or simply dirty looking, entrust them to PACIFIC Marble and Stone Restoration, the ORANGE COUNTY and ORANGE area’s preferred tile and grout cleaning experts.Numerous tile and grout floors that seem to be in really poor condition just want an excellent heavy-duty cleaning to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and also other contaminants in the surface on the tiles and from inside the pores of your grout lines. We also give sealing and colour sealing solutions so your common day-to-day cleaning might be simpler and more productive as well as your floors can remain searching wonderful involving qualified cleanings.Qualified CLEANING, Professional ResultsWe use

specialist cleaning solutions and strong equipment to safely and effectively clean the tiles, which includes textured or tumbled tiles, and flush out the grout lines, producing a fully sanitized surface.SEALING

Just after your tile is thoroughly cleaned, we can apply a clear sealer to inhibit staining and shield your floor or surface. Our sealing solutions will give your grout lines a fresh, clean look.


Color sealing is superior than typical sealing, specially for floors with permanent grout stains. We can match the color of your current grout to offer the floor a good, uniform appearance, or we are able to modify the colour of one’s grout altogether – from dark to light or vice versa.

Yet another benefit of grout color sealing is that color sealer consists of constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides, so your floors keep cleaner and healthier longer. Moreover, frequent cleaning of tile and grout that has been color sealed is a lot much easier.OTHER

ServicesGrout Repair
Grout Replacement
Chip and crack repair
Tile Replacement
Shower Glass Cleaning and Polishing

can be a unique stone that comes in lots of diverse finishes. Travertine is either filled or unfilled. What this suggests is the fact that travertine naturally has holes that run all through the stone. Some travertine owners just like the rustic, all-natural appear of unfilled travertine, when others favor the sleek, uniform appearance of filled travertine, that is precisely what it sounds like – the holes are filled providing the stone a smooth finish.

With time and use, travertine can turn into dirty, dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged. A lot of household and business owners see the poor condition of their travertine and assume they will must come up having a hefty chunk of adjust to replace it. We’ve got great news for you. Travertine is usually restored, not only to look far better, but to look brand new once more.

Pacific Marble and Stone Restoration delivers expert interior and exterior travertine solutions for homes, apartments, condos, offices along with other commercial properties, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and much morevirtually anyplace travertine has been installed. We deliver a complete array of travertine care and maintenance solutions, from minor services like getting your travertine floors polished to big services like a comprehensive travertine floor repair and restoration.


Uneven tiles pose a trip-and-fall hazard. With our travertine grinding service, your floors not merely appear far better, but are safer. Travertine floors that happen to be flattened to ensure that tiles are even with grout lines are simpler to clean than classic travertine floors. We are able to give this service for you personally, giving your floors a uniform, monolithic look. Once we grind your travertine floor for the level and shape want, we hone and polish it to perfection.


When you do not completely adore the finish of the travertine, we can enable. Perhaps it is also dull or also shiny. We can reach the precise finish you need. When you’ve got a brand new floor with some tiles that appear more glossy than other people, we are able to even out the finish.

Wear patterns, scratches, and spots is usually practically erased with travertine honing, and etches disappear with our travertine etch removal solutions. Honing results in a soft matte finish. We can add shine and accomplish a gorgeous semi-gloss or perhaps a glass-like polish for your travertine applying the acceptable diamonds and polishing powders.


Cleaning and sanitizing are significant for all varieties of travertine, but particularly significant for unfilled travertine, because dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants can come to be trapped in the holes. We supply specialist deep cleaning services, applying stone-safe cleaners that are highly-effective.

We extremely advocate following a travertine deep-cleaning service with our travertine sealing services. Sealing provides travertine floors, showers, tub surrounds, walls, as well as other travertine surfaces resistance against stains and discoloration. Travertine stain removal is usually time consuming and high priced. Sealing your stone just tends to make good sense.


Most travertine stains could be removed, as well as the original finish of one’s travertine might be restored, free of charge from stains and discolorations. Our skilled technicians are educated in poultice applications as well as other stain removal procedures.


The varied organic veining and coloring of travertine might be enhanced applying particular sealers. In the event you want your travertine to have a little extra pop and pizzaz, ask about our travertine enhancing services.


Pacific Marble and Stone Restoration can repair chips, cracks, along with other damage, blending the repair web site using the surrounding region. We adhere to up with honing and polishing to match the current finish of the travertine floor, countertop or other surface.


Our highly-trained craftsman can, in lots of circumstances, remove tile that is definitely broken beyond repair, without having damaging neighboring tiles, and then install a brand new tile in its place. However, replacement tiles are noticeably various. We grind, hone, and polish the new tile, creating it level with all the surrounding location and matching the finish as closely as you can.


In case your travertine has grout lines that demand experienced consideration, we supply a full range of grout services. We can clean, restore, and repair current grout, or regrout, if required.


Normal cleaning and janitorial solutions are important for very simple, day-to-day care of travertine floors. But over time, their processes leave floors with grout lines that just will not come clean, shiny scratches, and increasingly apparent visitors patterns. As these problems develop, you become increasingly more dissatisfied together with the appearance on the floors until it’s time for a further round of professional restoration. With our consistently scheduled maintenance plan, your floors can appear terrific all of the time, without the require for periodic restoration.

We also propose care goods to keep your travertine searching its most effective.

Travertine Repair and Refinishing / Corona/ CA

organic stone specialists at Pacific Floor Care can clean, repair, hone, polish and seal your travertine floors and have them searching sensational in no time.

is usually a stone of selection for dwelling or organization owners, because it adds antique elegance and appeal to any space. That antique elegance may be diminished with out professional care and maintenance. Pacific  Floor Care can resolve any complications with travertine and give standard upkeep solutions to help keep it looking good all the time.

Travertine finishes, regardless of whether honed (matte finish) or polished finish, will from time for you to time need to have honing to take away scratches and etching. Travertine also demands to be sometimes re-polished and sealed. You can count on Pacific  Floor Care for all of your travertine cleaning, honing, polishing, sealing, or custom-finishing needs.

Travertine Holes Repaired

Travertine has naturally-occurring holes. You will discover two unique approaches to this unique travertine function.

Filled Travertine

Filled travertine includes a smooth finish, since the holes are filled with color-matched epoxy or polyester, and then the surface is honed or polished. These holes at times come to be exposed with standard use. We are able to repair these holes and make your travertine appear new again.

Unfilled Travertine

Unfilled travertine is excellent for dwelling or business enterprise owners who prefers a extra rustic look. Nevertheless, dirt, grime, and bacteria can collect in the holes of unfilled travertine. We can take away these contaminants for you personally.

Our travertine solutions involve:
Etch Removal
Chip and Crack Repair
Filling Holes
Refinishing (Polishing and Honing)
With our
expert solutions, your travertine floors, showers, countertops, and also other surfaces can generally appear brand new, clean, and stunning. Make contact with us on-line or call currently to for any cost-free estimate.