When your porcelain, ceramic, or Mexican tile, quarry tile, or other
type of tile and grout floors, walls, or other surfaces turn out to be dingy, stained, faded, or simply dirty looking, entrust them to PACIFIC Marble and Stone Restoration, the ORANGE COUNTY and ORANGE area’s preferred tile and grout cleaning experts.Numerous tile and grout floors that seem to be in really poor condition just want an excellent heavy-duty cleaning to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and also other contaminants in the surface on the tiles and from inside the pores of your grout lines. We also give sealing and colour sealing solutions so your common day-to-day cleaning might be simpler and more productive as well as your floors can remain searching wonderful involving qualified cleanings.Qualified CLEANING, Professional ResultsWe use

specialist cleaning solutions and strong equipment to safely and effectively clean the tiles, which includes textured or tumbled tiles, and flush out the grout lines, producing a fully sanitized surface.SEALING

Just after your tile is thoroughly cleaned, we can apply a clear sealer to inhibit staining and shield your floor or surface. Our sealing solutions will give your grout lines a fresh, clean look.


Color sealing is superior than typical sealing, specially for floors with permanent grout stains. We can match the color of your current grout to offer the floor a good, uniform appearance, or we are able to modify the colour of one’s grout altogether – from dark to light or vice versa.

Yet another benefit of grout color sealing is that color sealer consists of constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides, so your floors keep cleaner and healthier longer. Moreover, frequent cleaning of tile and grout that has been color sealed is a lot much easier.OTHER

ServicesGrout Repair
Grout Replacement
Chip and crack repair
Tile Replacement
Shower Glass Cleaning and Polishing

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