Grout Sealing Services in Corona, CA

Do you scrub your grout and shortly immediately after it appears dirty and dingy again? Grout is created from components which might be incredibly porous in nature. This attracts oil, grease, and liquids causing discoloration more than time. Grout sealing assists defend your grout and hold it clean by keeping dirt and stains out.

The authorities at Corona Carpet and Tile Cleaning have years of experience restoring and sealing tile. No matter the issue, we can help with any grout cleaning and sealing project to retain your tile and grout looking new and in great condition

Why Professional Grout Sealing?

Grout sealing naturally breaks down more than time and tile grout needs to be resealed to hold dirt and contaminants from penetrating the grout surface. In kitchens or bathrooms, unprotected grout makes it easier for mold to live and flourish inside the grout lines. If left unsealed, mold or bacteria growth can be dangerous, unsanitary, and harmful for you and your family’s health.

In addition, unsealed grout is vulnerable to unexpected coffee, tea, and fruit juice spills as the porous material soaks in these liquids and allows for deep-set stains. Foot traffic tracks in outdoor dirt and debris leading to further staining on tile floors more than time. Grout sealers protect against stains by coating the grout to guard it against water and dirt infiltration.

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