What is a Carpet Cleaning Mop? Corona CA

A carpet cleaning mop is primarily a brush mounted to a stick used to scrub the dirt and grime out of carpet. These devices are normally sold along with specific dry foam cleaning answer. This is a great device for those looking for any quick clean or a handy spot cleaner. When deciding if the carpet cleaner mop is for you personally, also contemplate the cleaning foam. On average, a 9-oz. spray can bottle will cover a 4 X 6-foot region. The mop itself typically fees about $20 and dry foam cleaning resolution bottles average some bucks in expense.

Tips on how to Use

Get started by clearing the area of obstructions and thoroughly vacuuming the living space. The carpet cleaning mop is used by assembling the device, applying the cleaning option towards the carpet, and brushing in quite a few directions. This loosens dirt, grime along with other impurities. Begin type the back on the room and function your technique to the front so that you are not stepping more than clean carpet. Follow up with a vacuum in an effort to absolutely get rid of the waste from the carpet.

Your carpet cleaning mop may be utilized for region rugs, carpets, stairs and a variety of kinds of upholstery. Check to create positive that the cleaning answer that you simply use is compatible with all the kind of upholstery you’ve on your carpet or furniture. Usually it is possible to use these cleaners with wool, acrylic, nylon and stain-proof carpets. Leather upholstery generally is not superior to utilize with these sort of foam cleaners. Take care not to apply too much foam for the carpet. If this happens, just wait for it to dry and suck up having a vacuum.


While the carpet cleaning mop may be very good in a pinch, you can still want to deep clean the carpet using a machine no less than as soon as a year. Also, these with sensitivity to chemical substances may perhaps would like to believe twice just before applying carpet cleaning mops that demand special cleaning options. You could wish to take into account all all-natural or eco friendly cleaners that are gentler, specially when you’ve got pets or kids in the residence.

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