How to Remove 5 of the Most Common Stains, Corona, CA

Spilling something on your favorite carpet or rug or finding a stain on a notable place on your clothing, be it jeans or top, are both very annoying. A quick wipe up with a moist cloth works wonders on some stains, but others are exceedingly bothering to rid of. Stains can be a real pain, but in the most cases you can minimize the possibility of getting permanent stains and the long-term damage of your clothing piece and carpet by acting promptly. The following 5 suspects are all known for their stubbornness, but here you can learn some practical tips on how to make them vanish from sight, leaving your the affected items looking like brand new! If you don’t what risk it, you should contact professional carpet cleaning service in  Corona, CA.

  • Sauce or Ketchup – Ketchup and sauces, such as tomato sauce, can hang around on your carpet for longer than you’d like if you don’t act swiftly. First, remove any excess ketchup or sauce, especially if the stain has just occurred, then rinse the affected area with cold water. Next, pour some detergent onto a sponge and soak the spot with warm water, slowly blotting at the spot with the sponge. If the stain is ultra suborn and won’t move, try blotting it gently with methylated spirits. Finally, wash the area.
  • Chewing gum – This annoying adversity is a real pain when it comes to sticking to your favorite carpet. If you find yourself in that situation, put few ice cubes in a small plastic bag and put it on the over the spot where the gum to harden it. Once that happens, you should pick it up easy, without leaving any stains.
  • Nail polish – Nail polish can be a real pain to get rid of. Some people suggest using a non-oily nail polish remover and applying it gently. Be careful though because it doesn’t suit all fabrics, so test it first. Once you’ve applied the nail polish remover, rinse the area.
  • Red Wine – Typically regarded as the number one nightmare stubborn stain, but actually it can be effectively removed if you have the knowledge how and act quickly. First put a salt onto the stain. The purpose is to absorb the color, so the salt is supposed to turn a shade of pinky red. Next, immerse the cloth or saturate the carpet in cold water and add biological detergent. Let is stay overnight, or at least few hours, then wash the item as normal.
  • Fruit juice – It’s amazing what pesky, unsightly stains a few drips of fruit juice can leave behind. As soon as you can, saturate the area with cold water. If the spot doesn’t seem to vanish, then rinse it in warm water containing a drop of detergent. Finally, give the carpet a thorough wash.
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