Affordable Carpet Cleaning, Corona, CA

Affordable Carpet Cleaning, Corona, CA

Affordable Carpet Cleaning is what most customers look for on a daily bases that is why you should call us here at Corona Tile and Carpet Cleaning Today to learn about our all in one deals & see how we will help you save big.

Our Company offers all in one deals to help customers save time and money on there carpet cleaning. A lot of companies will offer customers a basic steam cleaning for a great price but in reality the price is not really a great deal. All carpet fibers should be cleaned the right way. Water and steam alone will not get your carpets clean. Here is what a basic carpet cleaning should come with.

1st. Step All Carpets Should be Pre Vacuumed to pick up all loose partials dirt & dust of the ground.

2nd. All Carpets Should have a Pre Treatment whether the company a customer calls uses a Shampoo a soil lifter or a Natural cleaner.

3rd. All carpets should have a deep cleaning performed on the fibers whether it is a Hot water extraction or a deep steam cleaning.

4th All carpets should receive a light or heavy layer of Deodorizer or Maximum odor Control.

5th. The last and Final step that the Tech that is at your home should take is doing the final grooming of your carpet the tech should use a light bristled fiber rake on your carpet to groom it as if you were brushing you hair after a Shower.

Not all Companies offer all in one deals like this. Most companies will tell you a great price you would like to hear over the phone until there tech arrives to your home and then you may see a price change also known as bait & switch.

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