Steam Cleaner and Vacuum: The Best Combo, Corona, CA

Steam Cleaner and Vacuum: The Best Combo, Corona, CA

No one relishes the idea of having a carpet steam cleaner come into their home to deep clean their carpeting; but it is a necessity for a variety of reasons, including the fact that many carpeting manufacturers require professional steam cleaning to maintain their warranties and steam cleaning just leaves carpeting looking and feeling better.  

Vacuuming Occasionally Isn’t Enough

You like to think that you can take care of your own carpeting by vacuuming occasionally and blotting up any stains that happen; but the reality is that DIY carpet maintenance just isn’t enough.  One reason for that is that most people don’t vacuum often enough.  Twice a week vacuuming is optimal – more often if you have pets – for keeping loose dirt and debris out of your carpeting and for keeping allergens out of your carpeting and out of your indoor air.  The HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner doesn’t do any good if you’re only vacuuming every once in awhile.  

Professional Steam Cleaning Is A Necessity

Dirt, bacteria and allergens can find their way deep into your carpeting even with regular vacuuming.  A steam cleaner in  Corona, CA can reach deep into the fibers of your carpeting, even through the backing and padding, to pull out those gross things you don’t want in your home. What isn’t removed is killed by the heat of the steam.  This professional steam cleaning helps to keep your air cleaner and your family healthier; in addition, it also helps you to maintain your carpeting’s warranty.  Many manufacturers require a professional steam cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months.    

DIY Steam Cleaning Hurts More Than It Helps  

You may think that renting or buying a steam cleaner to use yourself is a viable alternative to professional steam cleaning.  Unfortunately, the equipment that you can rent or buy isn’t as efficient at cleaning and extracting water from your carpeting as professional equipment is.  You also don’t have the training that the pros have when it comes to steam cleaning and that can mean that you’ll either apply too much water to your carpets or extract too little – or both.  Too much water left in your carpeting over time can lead to mold growth, which means your DIY cleaning has hurt more than it helped.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • When you vacuum your carpeting, do it slowly to let the machine do its job efficiently.

  • Choose carpeting that collects less dust, like low-pile or looped-pile.

  • Keep area rugs clean, too.  Vacuum them frequently and take them outside to beat them with a broom to remove deeper dirt.

  • Blot spills immediately.  Don’t wait and hope that your off-the-shelf spot cleaner will work miracles.

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